REX Products overlay digital information onto the real world, making your work experience more enjoyable.

REXcad facilitates understanding of plans and designs, making them presentable and convincing.

Our product captures and creates immaculate 3D images, text, sound as well as REXdoc3d scans that will awe you.

REXdoc3d also enables your smartphone to navigate without any beacons or GPS.


AR for all!

Welcome to the wonderful world of augmented reality.

It only takes seconds for our REXcad app and REX plugins to tranlate your blueprints into three-dimensional holograms.
With a single mouseclick, you can share your holograms with your partners, clients, or the whole world.


Document, report and more!

REXdoc3d puts and end to flawed and incomplete documentation.

Thanks to REXdoc3d, life will become much easier.

We revolutionize on-site documentation:
Either adhoc or anchored,
With images, audio and pathways.

Citizen information, reinvented.

Providing citizens and customers with comprehensive information through holograms.

Our cutting-edge technology in REXcis is the optimal solution to citizen involvement, presentions or other public decision-making processes. Augmented reality anchors life-size 3D holograms in real time, in the real world. In other words, everyone will see the same hologram in the same place from their respective point of view. Holograms are all in the same place, for every person viewing them. 

A few of our customers

A few of our partners

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